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Friday, November 30, 2007

Nordenberg comments on Pederson hiring

BLAWNOX -- University of Pittsburgh chancellor Mark Nordenhair sat down with the staff at Panther Rants and explained the logic behind hiring former athletic director Steve Pederson.

"Honestly, it was for you guys," Nordenhair said. "We had noticed that the blog had taken in a hit in recent weeks. And we feel for you guys. It's not easy to continue to put a funny spin on losing, even with that Tom Selleck look-alike as head coach. So I guess this is our way of providing new material."

Pederson was athletic director from 1996-2002, where he changed the logo, name, school colors, stadium, football and basketball coaches, booster club name, and increasing the number of on-field ceremonies from zero to roughly 19. Pederson left in 2002 to accept the athletic director job at his alama mater, the University of Nebraska, where he instilled the same amount of changes and was promptly fired in October. Pitt, showing its traditional desire to do a true search for for coaches or athletic officials, hired Pederson at a press conference Friday.

"If you guys have been digging for things to make funny lately, you won't be by the end of the month. Bet on it," Nordenhair said.


vito said...

This is a sick twisted joke right?

dr jimmy said...

Just the same nightmare over and over, I heard they were bringing Johnny Majors back for his 3rd tour of duty!

Yeti said...

I'm sure if Ed Bozik was still alive they would have hired him.

And now Wanny until 2012.

They need Foge for the trifecta.

vito said...

Fuck i am in morganhole in the midst of thousands of sub-humans!

Anthony said...

As a high school graduate I scored Pitt football season tickets.

Having lived through the glory of Tony Dorsett, Hugh Green, Dan Marino and the like...these are tough days to take.

Regarding a recent post, I can't say how much I wish the spirit of Pitt Stadium could be resurrected.

If you come for a look and would like to do a link exchange let me know.