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Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Take a Break From Making Buttgers' Fans Cry Like Little Girls

To applaud this article from Mark Starr at Newsweek. As we here at Panther Rants have been saying for years now, the Fat Ten is overrated.

Eff the Fat Ten


dr jimmy said...

Ok the slap 10 takes the slap of the year award.

Anonymous said...

The Big Ten got embarrassed in its BCS games last year.

If Michigan wins Saturday, the Big Ten Champ will have 3 lossed, including a loss to a AA team and likely be ranked about #14. SWEET!!!!!!

Moreover, the Big Ten has 5 wins total against the other BCS conferences – none of which are even against a team with a winning record.

The best non-conference win the ENTIRE conference has is MSU over Pitt (which was a squeaker at home against a team with no QB). The wins are:

MSU beat Pitt (4-5)
Wisconsin beat Washington State (4-6)
Ohio State beat Washington (3-7)
Illinois beat Syracuse (2-8)
Iowa beat Syracuse (2-8)

Anonymous said...

you guys would know about being embarassed in a BCS game.

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

Penn State, the industry leader in violent crimes committed by scholarship athletes.....period!