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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wanny's World

West Leisenring, PA (PR) Welcome to the initial installment of Wanny’s World, a mostly excellent, party time. We caught up with the stached man himself hanging out in West Leisenring at the Volunteer Fire Hall.

What brings you out to Fayette County, especially West Leisenring?

I kind of wanted to get out and experience Fayette County. It is the closest thing to Iowa and I wanted to get in the right frame of mind for Saturday’s battle. What better way but go to a small community in Fayette County. It has everything that Iowa has. Farmers, corn, cattle and tough economic times.

You could have picked a million places in Fayette County, why West Leisenring?

They have a strong contingent of Pitt faithful out there, they have suffered losses more catastrophic than Ohio or Bowling Green and I like the food the fire department serves. I am not allowed to talk about the fish sandwiches any more so don’t bother asking.

Speaking of food then, what's the pre-game meal?

Corn on the cob, baby back ribs and steaks. We are going to try to beef up a little this week and decided that like, Iowans; we will eat the hell out of some corn on the cob.

On Changes with personnel:

Not too many changes. Obviously if the right situation occurs we would like to get some more snaps for Lucas Nix, Jonathan Baldwin and Greg Cross.

Translation: If it’s the third Saturday of the month and a lunar eclipse occurs during the game, Nix may see 4 plays this week. Baldwin will see 6 plays and Greg Cross may get onto the field for one play. If not don’t expect to see anything new.

On his 0-5 record after a bye week:

Wow! I’ve been that bad? I am not sure how to explain that. I know we put a lot of emphasis on different packages and we always practice well. Hell, we are undefeated in practice so I am not sure why we have not won a game after a bye. Hopefully, that changes this Saturday.

On facing another coach with Western PA roots:

Well, Kirk is kind of like me. He doesn’t like change, is making a lot of money being mediocre and he too loves fish sandwiches and IC Light.

On opening up the offense more:

We put some nice packages in against Iowa but the key is turnovers. I have always said it’s all about turnovers. We don’t have to score 45 points a game if we don’t turn the ball over. We can win 7-3 against Iowa or any team for that matter.

On NFL coaches not playing conservative any more and offenses scoring more and more:

That’s just a fad; remember my days as DC with Dallas? It was always about being smart and conservative. We just didn’t have to take risks. It worked well for us. I don’t care that it was almost 20 years ago. We put in what we call the Goldberg package this week. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

On Buddy’s training this week:

Well, we had the boys push tractors up a hill, we had them roll fire hoses and wash 3 fire trucks. We are ready. I just want to send a thank you for the hospitality that the West Leisenring VFD showed us this week.

Good Luck Coach, you’ll need it.


he who once took you to bowl games said...

I think West Leisenring has found their village idiot!!!

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yeti said...

I thought I was the only person who knew where West Leisenring was?

zerp said...

West Leisenring Fire Hall "still dead" :(