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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pitt-Buffalo Game Finds a Home!

Our sources have found out that the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Buffalo have come to an agreement with Viacom to have Saturday's game televised. The game will be tied in part with a marathon of the show Night Court on the channel TVLAND. Night Court, a very popular sitcom that aired from 1984 to 1992, is a favorite among viewers.

Steve Pederson, Pitt's AD, released this statement late Wednesday evening:

"As head of the athletic department, it's my goal to ensure that all Pitt fans from around the country are able to watch Pitt Football. We'd like thank Viacom for their assistance on this matter. Night Court was a great comedy show back from the mid-80's to the early 90's which also can be said for our football program in that timespan. TVLAND host a lot of great re-runs from the past. When Pitt fans think of Pitt Football, they think of those times they saw Tony Dorsett run wild or Dan Marino throwing a football. In other words, they reminisce of the past as well. We are hoping this leads to having more games televised on this station in the future."

The head coaches of both programs were also excited on this announcement.

"I'm excited", said Dave Wannstedt, "John Larroquette was very good on that show. Very funny guy. Richard Moll reminds me of Matt C. Every time I told Matt we were punting at Bowling Green's 35 yard line last week, Matt would say 'Ohhh-Kaay'. I plan letting the players watch a bit while I tell them how I was coaching Miami and Dallas with Jimmy Johnson at the the time"

Turner Gill shared the same sentiments.....

"We used to watch this show when I played in the CFL. It wasn't on when I was in college. Roz was one of my favorite characters. She had that Soul-Glo hairstyle. Guys used to always give me a hard time for liking Roz so much."

Pitt will host Buffalo at Heinz Field at 6pm. The Night Court marathon will be shown on the JumboTron before and after the game.

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