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Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, so much for that (more merchandising buffoonery)

Two points of interest today:

1. The Pitt athletic department has long contended that one of the major reasons that it is absolutely hellbent on not returning to the old school "script Pitt" look is because not enough people are interested. They point to the auction of the authentic game uniforms from the 2005 Youngstown State game as their example. In the meantime, this hat came on the market at a few weeks ago and, well, you read it:

Here's the hat:

And here's the message on it's description:
"Currently we are out of most sizes in this cap. More caps are due to arrive in late August/early September. Thanks for your patience."
So this logo and color scheme that nobody apparently wants and no one apparently likes is currently sold out in most sizes. Well, whaddya expect? Who here hasn't shilled out $21.99 for something they can't stand the look of? Personally, my closet is just loaded with clothes that I can't stand, never liked and make me sick. I also drink beer that makes me gag, eat food that makes me wretch and own a cat even though I'm allergic to them. Riiiiiiight.
But don't worry, Pitt fans. We're due for yet ANOTHER uniform and logo overhaul in 2010. Maybe this one will actually look like panther...or at least have whiskers.
2. In Saturday's blog about merchandising we referenced three items that were from four seasons ago that were still be pushed off on consumers for full price. Panther Rants is pleased to announce that the golf shirt with the "still dead" Tooth logo has been removed from the site. It could just be coincidence, and probably is since the Nike coat and American Chopper flames visor remain full price, but we are just as dedicated to arrogance as we are sarcasm, procrastination and half-assery here so we shall take credit regardless.

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