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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bostick to Return, Visits with Special Someone

MANHEIM TWP., Pa. (PR) – Pat Bostick will be back to Pitt by the weekend or early next week, according to Pat Bostick Sr. "This was a non-football related thing and we just ask that you respect our family's privacy." As internet sites were buzzing with rumors our own Panther Rants reporters were hard at work getting the inside scoop.

While this was not necessarily a football related thing it did have a little to do with camp, as was reported in the previous article. A source close to the situation did speak with me today regarding what happened at the Bostick residence. Upon returning to the Pittsburgh area Monday night Wlat Harris heard of the terrible news, flew to Harrisburg and met with Pat Bostick personally. Yes, look who's back, wlat is back. After, the meeting Harris left out the back door and Bostick Sr. called the Pittsburgh media outlets to announce, that Pat was heading back to Pittsburgh.

Two questions remain, what was discussed and why did Wlat do this favor to Pitt and Dave Wannstedt? Is Wlat looking to become the quarterback coach at Pitt under the mediocre stache? Is he going to have Pat tank the season to help with the demise of Dave Wannstedt? Or is Wlat just trying to be a better person? The questions are there and only time will tell in this sorted soap opera.

The only thing that can be said is that the Pitt fans, alumni, coaches and administration can thank Wlat Harris for saving the day, for now. Wlat Harris slipped into the night before being reached for comment. Can you say WLATMAN? I can. I also can say thank you to the new superhero for Pitt Athletics. Thanks Wlatman!

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