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Monday, August 13, 2007


Morelli a Dad?

Panther Rants has also learned that former Pitt verbal and Penn State Quarterback Anthony Morelli became a father over the summer. Right now, it’s a rumor that hasn’t been confirmed by Anthony or the officials at Penn State. Here’s a picture of Anthony and his newborn. Congrats, kid.

WVU Changes Logo

It’s rumored that West Virginia will follow Pitt’s lead and change their logo as well. At a ceremony when they revealed the new logo, there seemed to be another mishap. The creators got the letters backwards. WVU’s AD looked into it and noticed it was the same people who designed the T-shirts celebrating their NIT victory in basketball.

Bostick's Return

There seems to be a mystery about Pat Bostick’s return to Pitt. Panther Rants made a few calls to find out that Pat Bostick is on his way back…by foot that is. Buddy Morris is having Pat walk back to Oakland carrying two Pitt cheerleaders. Expect Pat back in time for the Eastern Michigan game..if his back holds up.

Famous Message Board Poster Arrested

A poster by the name of “Corporate_Panther” was arrested for embezzling money from the 24-Karat Panther Club. The Club says the corporate man was using the money to satisfy his addiction for hookers in Five Star resorts. Corporate_Panther could not be reached so we sent an email to his EZinbox. He replied saying “I will beat this charge because I am better than all of you.”

Buddy Morris Contacted by Paramount

Buddy Morris has been contacted by Paramount Pictures to appear in the remake of “Necessary Roughness”. Buddy will play the role of Texas State’s head coach, Ed Gennero. Paramount wanted Hector Elizondo to come back, but he refused. Since Buddy does appear to look like the Head Coach, Paramount has offered him big money to play the head coach. Buddy did not return our calls on the subject.

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