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Friday, August 3, 2007

Employees sick of co-workers "over-fandom"

ALLENTOWN (PR) --- Bill Stevenson is a Penn State graduate and die-hard Nittany Lions fan.

And his co-workers are absolutely sick of it.

Stevenson drinks his morning coffee from a Penn State mug. The background on his computer and his mouse pad are Penn State. He has Penn State posters on the wall and even his cell phone plays the schools fight song.

"Christ, that guy's a pain in the ass," said co-worker Darin Middlebaugh. "Look, I understand being proud of your school. I went to Bucknell and had a ball when they made the NCAA tournament. But Bill takes things too far. It's like he's obsessed."

With college football season less than a month away, the employees and Irkler and Johnson are not happy. They said that Stevenson (pictured right in his bedroom) develops a one track mind when football starts up.

"It's all he talks about. 'Penn State this. JoePa that.' Fuck, give it a rest," said Cynthia Johnson, who works at the cubicle next door. "I'm starting to think there's nothing in State College but that Goddam football stadium. No school. No students. Just that team and that stadium."

Michael Davidson, director of human resources, said that the company has not received any official complaints about Stevenson at this point. However, Davidson did concede that he has heard grumblings, but nothing that would cause the company to take formal action.

"We have a strict policy against co-workers overtly displaying religious or political beliefs. We feel that it can promote a hostile workplace. But this is the first time we've seen something like this over a football program," Davidson said.

But Penn State is like a religion for Stevenson, according to co-workers.

"That motherfucker nearly ruined my marriage. I almost had my wife divorce me because of that fool," said Malik Norman.

Norman said that he was working late one evening on the same night that Stevenson was as well. Around 7 p.m., Norman was on the phone with his wife when Stevenson's cell phone rang. Norman alleges that his answer was 'typical.'

"I'm on the verge of an argument with my wife as it is because I'm working late and this idiot picks up his cell phone and screams, 'WEEEE AREEEEEEEEE!" Johnson said. "I nearly hit him.
Took me 10 minutes to convince my wife that I wasn't at a bar."

Stevenson, however, sees no problem with his office's decor or his behavior.

"Why would anyone have a problem with it?" He snorted. "Penn State is the biggest school in the state of Pennsylvania. It donates thousands of dollars every year to charity with the dance-a-thon and Joe Paterno should be commended for running the CLEANEST program in college football. For doing things the right way. The Penn State way. These people should see me in the street and say, 'thank you.'"

Co-workers, however, see it the other way.

"I would gladly work in my car from September through January if there was a way to move my computer and the fax machine out there. There is no reasoning with that guy," Middlebaugh said.

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