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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Sledge-o-matic claims another

We here at Panther Rants are big fans of the washed up, has been comedian Gallagher. And really, if you're a Pitt fan, you should be as well. They have a lot in common. Much like Pitt football, Gallagher and his watermelon smashing really haven't been relevant since the first Reagan administration. Also, both Gallagher and Wannstedt are sporting the prominent and ubiquitous porn stache. Lastly, Panther Rants has learned that Gallagher's summer tour is hitting hot spots like Hanover, Pennsylvania and Lima, Ohio. Pretty pathetic, huh? Yup, almost as pathetic as playing Navy in primetime on a Wednesday night in front of 24,000 slaps.

So, bravo Gallagher, you're the Pitt football of comedy. And kudos, Pitt, you're the Gallagher of college football.

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