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Friday, May 18, 2007

Forgotten Foge Fazio Found!

Panther Rants would like to recognize the efforts of esteemed sports journalist Dale Grdnic of Panther Digest for his piece today on former Pitt coach Foge Fazio . It's a well-written piece and literally a walk down memory lane for those of us here at Panther Rants. Like an abuse victim, we at Panther Rants had conveniently suppressed all memories of the Fazio era until we read this article. Then all the disappointment came steaming back all at once, but really couldn't dampen our mood ... how could we possibly be any more disappointed than we already had been?

The story was great for a number of reasons. First, it gave us insight into what Foge is up to these days. We were shocked to learn that anyone knew there was a broadcast of the Pitt spring game let alone that Foge worked that broadcast. Secondly, we appreciated Foge's insight into the current program. It frightened us greatly, though, that he drew parallels between his ability to recruit and not coach to that of the current staff. Finally, we were just surprised to learn that he was still alive. Maybe it was because we surpressed any memories of him, but we at Panther Rants not only thought Foge died several years ago, but we can swear we attended his wake ... come to think of it, maybe that was Coach Majors' wake.

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