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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A long fall from grace

Former Pitt wide receiver Joe DelSardo was a fan favorite for many reasons. Although he rarely saw the field during his junior and senior seasons, DelSardo captured our imagination with an amazing touchdown catch against Rutgers during the magical 2004 season. No doubt, we would all like our lasting image of Joe to be this:

But it seems his rocky final years with the Panthers were only a glimpse of the depth to which Joe would fall. Panther Rants recently learned that Joe has hit skid row hard. Following the end of his career at Pitt, he's only been able to find work as a roadie for the 80s buttrock group Boston. Below is photo of Joe (right) during the band's most recent tour:

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RussellCrowe said...

No one has fallen farther than Billy Gaines, that is for certain///