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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Guru, Jail or Both?

The editorial and undercover staff here at Panther Rants have had numerous heated discussions the past few days. One is whether a "journalist" would rather go to jail or become a revered "Internet college man-stud guru?" The editor's seem to think "journalists" must choose a path, stick to it or face many years in jail for crimes against children, life.

But the covert guys adhere to the belief that a "journalist" on can do both. These folks point out "journalists" who have even worked in prisons!

Us at Panther Rants would like to hear from all the non-premium subscribers of the "other" boards (the paying member's IQ's are obviously too low to understand this question) with your comments.

Hail to Pitt, no?

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Anonymous said...

Yuo sea life, or no?