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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sage's Pitt Periodical (May edition)

Greetings, Faithful Panther! This one is the principle of my periodic fixation to release, found EXCLUSIVELY in the Rants panther! This is obvious exciting and a little while extraordinary for athletics of Pitt, mainly the program of the soccer football. With another class of solid recruitment and means absolutely incredibly entertained a game it played a crowd of the near-capacity in the field of Heinz (with sincerely in the attention), Wannstedt and the Co finally looks like to have the ship indicated in the correct direction! Since Wannstedt has gained 11 games in its past 2 years, that one is compared to rough 5,5 statistical victories by the station in its supply of Pitt. Clearing upon the 5 to the whole number closest (6!) and being multiplied that total for year 1976 where Pitt gained the national title with Wannstedt like graduated assistant, and to divide that by its 3 stars of the ring of the championship and the rivals of the average in the class of more recent recruitment (3,04) it gives 12.014.08 reasons him for which Wanny is our man! With a so talented car and to per extraordinary prisoners to us of the man being satisfied the class as the SoufOaklin way obtains its wife pumped by goo of the man, is how PITT can no!


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