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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dixon Names Assistant

Tom Herrion, former College of Charelston head coach, has joined the Pitt basketball coaching staff. And the process of hiring the new coach went exactly as anticipated.

Head Coach Jamie Dixon had Danny Hurley, a high school coach from New Jersey, at the top of his list. Typical to Dixon's track record, he was turned down by his top choice. Instead, and as usual, Dixon settled for someone not quite as good.

"The great thing about coming to Pitt is that the expectations aren't too high," Herrion said in an exclusive telepathic interview with Panther Rants. "Sure, we're expected to win 20-plus games and advance to the tournament. But that's never proven to be too difficult. We only beat one decent team once all of last season and the fans were beside themselves with excitement.
"The great part about Pitt is when we swing and miss on every top recruiting target on our list - and we will - no one will care. When we land more mediocre prospects, our fans will do what they typically do - overhype them and insert their own evaluations and reality that make the players out to be much better than they are. And they'll be satisfied with beating up on a bunch of lesser opponents and making no real progress with the program."

Herrion said he will hit the ground running once he gets to Pittsburgh. His plans are to recruit a whole new group of one-dimensional players who will tease Pitt fans with their potential, if only they could develop the rest of their game, but never actually come through.

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