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Monday, May 14, 2007

Important Notice

To alleviate any confusion, we the new publishers of Panther Rants would like to note that Chris "Doke" Dokish is no longer affiliated with this blog. Several months ago, "Doke" made a very public renouncement of this blog and left it floating adrift in cyberspace. Changes will soon be coming that remove all connections between Doke and this blog because it is the fair thing to do granted that Doke is a serious journalist and this is no longer a serious blog.

We decided to take Panther Rants over and make it a parody of recruiting sites that are way too self important. Please enjoy the content and keep in mind that it is all parody and comedy and is for entertainment purposes only.


Panther Rants

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Daniel said...

Keep up the great work, Eff Stormwatch, er I mean PAFootballMan, err...I mean neither those people are the out of work towel boy for Danny Baldwin.