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Sunday, December 2, 2007



vito said...

Fucking great isn't it!


Did you see RR's aftergame press conference, he is a retard!

dr jimmy said...

Another example of how much class WVU fans have. From the post gazette.

But on the bus ride going to Mountaineer Field, the Panthers were besieged by an hostile mob of West Virginia fans who shouted and chanted at them, and threw rocks at the Pitt buses.


PittPhan said...

Beat WVU AND beat the home town refs who rolled over for the home team 4 times in the 4th quarter. Pitt actually won that game by 16... 10 points to the officials... thanx guys

You can see why these loosers love to throw rocks at the Pitt bus. Ya gotta be good at sumpin an nuthin adds a few extra revs to a rock throw like that sixth finger.

he who took them to bowl games! said...

You really have to excuse the WVU fans the gene pool is extremely shallow throughout the entire state!