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Monday, December 3, 2007

Enter the Reveling in the Hoopies' Misery Zone

Welcome overjoyed Panther fans to the Factor for this glorious Monday, December 3rd, 2007. I'm your host, and I'm always in my seat 90 minutes before kickoff, especially when we're watching a replay of the 100th Backyard Brawl. Words will do no justice, so instead, we here at Panther Rants leave you with an image for the next week. The Factor will return next Monday to dissect the 2007 season, look ahead to 2008, and ring in Hoops season. Until then, enjoy Panther Nation, you've earned it.


he who went to bowl games! said...

Just think, if we had a real QB we might have actually went to a bowl game!

he who took them to bowl games!! said...

Sorry, YA KNOW!

jay bell said...

that espn screenshot is going to be my wallpaper for the next year