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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mike Teel Just Threw Another Touchdown Pass

We have received word at 11pm that Mike Teel has just thrown another touchdown pass. Teel torched the Panthers today for six touchdown passes and he hasn't stopped since the game ended around 7pm. He has just been ushered out of Heinz Field and has been escorted to the team bus before any more Panther defenders get torched. They stopped at Elijah Fields.

No word from UPMC-Presbyterian of the condition of the Panthers secondary. We received reports of third-degree burns and burnt toast smell at Heinz Field. Aaron Berry seems to be the one most affected from being burned. It was so bad that he had difficulty fielding punts. Eric Thatcher is still having nightmares of Kenny Britt eating his lunch.

On a side note.....

It's looking to be 2006 all over again. 5-1, nationally ranked, playing in front of a nice crowd. Yep, Pitt did it again. They played with our hearts, and they lost the game. Once Pitt went ahead 7-0 and Rutgers burned them on playaction, just about everyone knew what we were about to experience. Most were in denial. It didn't really sink in until it was 21-7. Not to mention the fake field goal and then Rutgers scoring again.

Pitt offense played well until Bill Stull went down. Stull was having a good game as well as McCoy. They put up 34 points..maybe more if Stull doesn't leave the game. To add insult to injury, we lose our center for the season. It seems bad luck can't escape the Pitt Football Program.

Does Pitt recover for this? If not, we know this much:

This is Pitt Football. This is who we are. This is what we do.


Vito said...

IT sucks being a Pitt fan!

Same old shit year after year!

Anonymous said...

The administration sucks
The AD sucks
The coaches suck
The conference sucks
The stadium sucks

Beyond that, being a Pitt fan is fan-fuckin-tastic.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Every time we get close to be coming an elite program, we lose to some shit team. The AD is an asshole and it's no wonder they don't show any of the games on TV - it's the only way he can get people in the stadium to watch this team continue to get beat at home. I'm fuckin fed up with this program.