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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Merchandising rant - December edition

BLAWNOX --Hot off of the heels of Pitt's stunning 13-9 upset of second ranked West Virginia, the athletic department wasted no time in unveiling t-shirts that comemmorate the victory. The shirts (shown on the right) can be purchased at any store for a variety of prices and can be made to have a variety of slogans.

Seriously guys, way to drop the ball on this one. In the previous Pederson era we saw t-shirts to celebrate the final win at Pitt Stadium (over a 5-6 Notre Dame team) and the victory over Penn State in 2000. Yet, when the Panthers upset a team one win way from the BCS Championship, our marketing and merchandising department get a case of the "ahh fuck its." Second rate, folks. Second rate.

And the dumbassery doesn't end there. Despite constant declarations by Jeff Long and Chris Ferris that script Pitt merchandise doesn't sell well, the athletic department continues to release *drumroll* more of it! Yup, that's right. now you can buy a tossle cap or baseball cap (shown left) to go with with the arsenal of golf shirts sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and than swingin' Johnny Majors jacket.

Actually, if you scour the site close enough you'll discover that the school is currently selling more merchandise with the throwback look than with the newest incarnation of DinoPigCatYellowLabThing. Twenty-nine items with "script Pitt" are currently available on in comparison to about 16 with the new logo.

Of course, this will simply bring out more rhetoric and bullshit from the marketing department. Or, with the most recent athletic director hire, the throwback items will simply vanish from the store and website one day, and store employees will deny that they ever had anything for sale to begin with.


vito said...

What the fuck do you expect from a bunch of dumb ass administration types who are so lame and out of touch with the common fan.

Stevie is a dumb fuck who couldn't get laid in a whore-house with a fist full of fifties.

rob said...

I emailed Chris Ferris the other day asking if there was any merchandise for sale regarding this huge win and he replied "Oh that's a good idea, we will look into it". Ugh.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of merchandise for sale regarding the win... thousands of tear and mooshine soaked plane tickets to New Orleans are available right down the road

Anonymous said...

Just check cafe press and search for "backyard brawl"...better than anything Pitt will come up with...

tz said...

I am also an Auburn fan and for each home game they have a shirt....that you can buy beforehand and wear to the games.

It's always some silly slogan mocking the visiting team. They also put out shirts each year after beating Alabama.

None of us really believes that Pitt is that creative, now do we?

Anonymous said...

Creative.... motivated.... in touch with the fan base.... any of these terms would work

Anonymous said...

Just because the admin isn't creative/intelligent doesn't mean the students and alumni aren't. For example, this blog, all the shirts available at cafepress, etc. So what if our admin fails us again? We've made it this far without their help...

Anonymous said...

You can even buy game pictures from the AU website and pick them up at the AU Bookstore. I have tried for over two years to get Pitt to do the same thing. But I guess there haven't been enough players come through our program worthy of being put up on any walls in game rooms (sarcasm). It's like banging your head against the wall, over and over again.

Anonymous said...

If the Pitt admin. actuall gave a poop about what few fans we still have:

1)The Script Pitt would still be the logo.

2)The colors would not be Notre Dame's.

3)Current Pitt script merchandise would be offered in '76 colors - not the 90's crap - it's almost as if they want to offer the worst combination of colors to support their claim that only a small vocal group wants to change back to script.

4)Stevie would have been fired for trying to change either one.

5)Stevie would have never been hired back.

6)I would have thought the five thousand Pitt fans that are left (vocal minority, cause there aren't any others left) would have been listened to.

mike said...

My brother and I have been complaining for a while about how good programs are known by their uniforms.

When you think Penn St., when you think Ohio St., when you think USC, is their any way to avoid the image of their uniforms from coming to mind? They have had the same unis for as long as I have been alive; and they are readily identifiable by them.

I hate that Pitt has changed its colors, name, logo, and uniforms a hundred times in the last 20 years.

Go back to blue and gold. I like mustard, but prefer it on my hotdog. And bring back the Pitt Script. It is how Pitt is readily identifiable with greatness.

BTW, thanks a million, Pitt, for getting those backyard brawl tees out so fast. I'll take a dozen of em.