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Friday, August 29, 2008

Foge Fazio Interview

Pittsburgh (PR)
We would like to welcome one Serafino "Foge" Fazio to the studio. The one time assistant coach and head coach for the Pittsburgh Panthers.
PR: Welcome Foge.
FF: Hello guys, it's sure been one helluva year hasn't it.
PR: You bet it has Foge, let's get started. How do you feel about your new gig with the Panthers?
FF: Well, first of all I just want to thank your staff from digging me up and finding an old fossil like myself. It seems the Pitt Administration has been trying to get me for the last 4 years but until they saw my reports for this site they just couldn't reach me. So, I just wanted to say thanks for everything Panther Rants. As far as the the new gig, they(Pitt admin) wanted to instill some life with their color commentary. My ole buddy Fralic is kinda like, well Frankenstein. Once they saw my work here, I didn't even have to interview for the job.
PR: Let's switch gears slightly, do you have any regrets about your days as head coach?
FF: Well, sure I mean I could have been still coaching at Pitt, but, well I made Larry Eustachy look like a saint. I mean, Pitt football was a dominate force, Fralic, Congemi and my buddies er I mean my players were getting young coeds thrown their way left and right. Of course, I was their wing man and would get what they didn't want. Parties in South Oakland were out of control. And then, during practice, I was always distracted by Theresa Nuzzo. Have you seen her wow!
PR: What do you think of the upcoming season? Does the stache finally get over the hump?
FF: Well, he has more talent than any Pitt team since well, mine in the 80's and you saw how that turned out. Hehehaaheeha! Anyway, he will turn the corner expect 9-10 wins.
PR: Couple of quick questions..
PR: Boxers or Briefs?
FF: Commando baby. The only way to go, unless your Paterno. That old coot wears now wears Depends.
PR: Sopranos or Corleones?
FF: As far as Italians go I would take the Sopranos. Much more realistic of an everyday mafia family or so I am told.. Wink Wink.
PR: Worst Pitt Coach ever?
FF: That's tough, there were so many but I throw myself up there, just because you guys gave me that NTAC award last year. Hackett sucked though!
PR: DC or Marvel Comics?
FF: I don't know Batman is fantastic for DC, but I am a Pittsburgh guy so I kind of like the Iron Man.
PR: Favorite Dish?
FF: Theresa N, er uhmm... Spaghetti with Sauce and Meatballs.
PR: Well coach, good luck, we will be listening to your riveting color commentary this season. Please just keep talking over old #79 and Let's Go Pitt!
FF: Thanks Guys again for helping an old guy out, I enjoy speaking with you and will check back in throughout the season.

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Anonymous said...

It's always good to hear from former coaches. Thanks.


John Kolacwiskizy