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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Panther Rants Alert

Loyal denizens of Panther Rants, ready your Broca's areas and whip out a book on obscure poetry, because we here at Panther Rants bring to you the latest in entertainment....

It is time for Haiku Wednesday, Bitches.

This Wednesday we'll deliver some of our all-time favorites, but every Wednesday after, it is up to you, the loyal reader, to fill the inbox at with odes to the quick kick, the pogo ball, and the myriad Jones who, at last check, were "still running".

To whet your whistle, enjoy this gem:

Oh Walter Harris
Where hast thou taken thy lisp?
Booster's wives, "not pleased"


Anonymous said...

In pure assclown fashion, Haiku Wednesday gets posted on Tuesday - well done, you've made me proud...

Washington said...

Fuckin right on!!