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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Message to Terrelle Pryor

Penn State fans have really outdone themselves this time. Some long haired, hippie-type pinko fag is seen pleading with Terrelle Pryor to commit to Penn State. We really don't know what possesses people to make videos like these. Does this guy really expect to see Pryor on TV in a few days, committing to th Nits, and saying in a press conference, "yo man, what really swayed me was that video that the burnout did. I mean, the ponytail, all the shit propped against the fence. It was inspiring."

Anyways, this video has all of the necessary elements. It has the dude with dated haircut and a damn near dead personality. It has the JoePa cardboard cut out, which appears to be propped on a fence in this guy's parent's back yard. It's dorky, geeky and just plain lame. In short, everything that we expect from those people.


He who took us to bowl games said...

You know, if i handled recruiting this kid he would be a panther!

Anonymous said...

I never knew sl was that tall. I think it's a fake.

Anonymous said...

that has to be a parody....if not, those folks are insane!