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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From the "We wish we thought of this department"

Signing Day has come and gone, with no big news from the South Side. Everyone signed on time, message board posters fantasized about Hot Beefy Man Studs and Terrell Pryor delayed his decision, adding ITT Tech and Devry to his list in the mean time.

Outside of the Pryor saga the most exciting news to come out this week was the story of Kevin Hart, a lineman from Nevada. You all know the story by now (LINK!) where the kid "committed" to Cal with no real offer. At that point the story could have gone either way; did someone prank the kid and embarrass him in front of the whole country (by whole country we mean people who read recruiting websites), or was he just a complete Assclown?

The story is out now: Complete Assclown. Good work, Kevin. You managed to steal a few headlines from Pryor and provide entertainment to other Assclowns for a few days.

The Pitt Athletic department has not yet released a statement regarding Chase Clowser, Kevin Hughes, Dave Weber and Gerald Robinson, who are believed to have just shown up on campus one day saying they were "recruited" by a lisping guy and someone named Tom Freeman.


Ron said...

Hey I'm fat, no ability and can serve snacks, do you think I can get a football scholarship to Pitt?

Jeff Long's dong said...

ITT has no interest at this time in offering a football scholarship to Richard Pryor!

Jay Paterno said...

come on, i need a sign, i'm going to defect to a state penn site!