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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Louisville fans

You can apologize to me now.

Brohm a 2nd round pick, at best.


Anonymous said...

Pitt is the most worthless piece of school ever. What is your beef about Brohm? Who cares if he is going 1st round, 2nd round, or 3rd round? Why do you care? Do you really not have a life? I'm not even a U of L fan but live in the city of Pittsburgh and think this is the stupidest story ever. Pitt doesn't have to worry about playing him again this year. U of L has beat Pitt every year since they got in the Big East. Not to mention U of L just beat Pitt in basketball at their home TWICE!!! So put that crap in your pipe and smoke it. Here's a thought, why don't you worry about making it to the big dance?

your mother said...


You are a piece of shit and have a small dick!

Anonymous said...

The second round is not bad for a kid with down syndrome!

Bobby P said...

let's not kid ourselves, i used to call him a retard and by coming back for his senior year he proved my point!

Charles Springer said...

Remains to be seen I'd say. Comfortable here with a first round pick. Scouts are trying to out-psyche each other. Brohm goes pretty early, hopefully to the Bears.