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Monday, April 30, 2007

Palko signs with New Orleans

Tyler Palko, the crown jewel of the Pitt Football program, did not get drafted over the weekend. Palko was a highly talented recruit out of West Allegheny, the greatest high school football program in the entire universe. Palko had an amazing 2004 season putting up some big numbers and some big wins.

Then came Dave Wannstedt and Matt Cavanaugh. Matt, a Youngstown native, turned Palko's 2005 season into what his hometown looks like today. The Panthers lost to Ohio U in overtime where Joe Delsardo would be the fall guy. Pitt would finish 5-6. Palko had a better 2006 season where he led the Panthers to a 6-6 record. Things looked up for him with the draft upcoming. He didn't have a good combine workout. In fact, one scout said this guy had a better shot at getting drafted before him:

Because of this, the Pitt staff has officially given up on their new quarterbacks. Instead, Pitt is bringing in a new high profile recruit to play quarterback in 2007. It's this new stud:

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