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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thoughts upon re-watching the Brawl

The Big East owes Pitt calls for the next 10 years for that shit.


Gregg said...

Nope. You guys were just beat by the better team. That's all.

In My Seat 90 Minutes Before Kickoff said...

Gregg, I enjoy our banter, but you may need to talk to your doctor about Aricept or Exelon.

13-9 good guys in that one.

vito said...

Try tacrine, its generic and more affordable, I am sure Gregg just purchased a 65" HDTV for his trailer and money is very tight right now!

Gregg said...

Heck, if Wellington Smith doesn't fade off of Ramon in the first game we beat you in Pittsburgh too!

I saw two different teams that game. Pitt didn't play up to par like they did in Oakland. WVU was just tougher and wanted victory more.

Hey Vito! Go back and stuff your face in a pizza!

vito said...


I bet you dress up as yoda when you watch your big screen tv in the toxic waste state.

Try tacrine, its cheap and it should help.

Have you ever tried Pizza Land?

Gregg said...

Tacrine is OK, but I'll usually take whiskey if it's around.

I've never been to Pizza Land, but plenty of other places.

I usually put on wrestling tights and roll around in my bed instead of the Yoda gear.

vito said...


if we ever meet i'll buy you a bottle!

your ok for a hoop!

Gregg said...


This is how I see the first round:

SU over Nova
WVU over Providence
Pitt over Cincinnati
Marquette over SHU

No real upsets on the first day.

Anonymous said...

Are you you guys too drunk or hungover to write something about Greatest basketball team in the world winning the Big East Tournament! No need to long for the days of Mediocrity, we have a champion!!

he who once took you to bowl games said...

you guys have really dropped the ball recently, in short, you guys suck as bloggers!

give this site up, and remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

Tim said...

You guys missed an opportunity to write about Oral Roberts and make fun of the 900 Foot Jesus he saw. We all know ORU could use a 900 Foot Jesus to battle DeJuan!

Gregg said...

It's been kind of slow on here?