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Sunday, March 23, 2008

And on the third day Wlat rose again....

-Yeah, we know, we are damned lazy.
-Another March, another Pitt loss in the tourney. We don't want to be too quick to put judgment on this season, but anyone who said back in mid-January that this team would be Big East Tourney champs a 4 seed would have seemed crazy. The loss yesterday hurt (thank Wlat that we never have to see Ron Ramon wear a Pitt uniform again, unless a Pittsburgh Xplosion uni counts) but they did put together a nice run. It sucks to lose to a Fat-10 team but Pitt this team will be good for years to come.
-Spring Football is around the corner, and that means more ridiculously high expectations of Hot Beefy Man Studs that have never produced before. Look forward to endless discussions about who will start at QB, how great Dorin Dickerson will look at his 5th position, who has the best hips of the Linebackers and yada yada.
-Peace and praise be to Wlat.


he who once took you to bowl games said...

I know you guys really miss me!!

Ya know!!

This is Wanny's last stand, no bowl game this year, no more job!!

I haven't seen you guys at Denny's lately!

Gregg said...

You have to wonder if the Pitt administration will continue to support Dixon? He's been there a while now, and hasn't been past the Sweet 16 yet? Has Dixon hit the plateau?

You have to believe that if Huggins gets WVU to the Elite 8, it'll put more pressure on Dixon being that would make two WVU coaches in his tenure to get to that game while he hasn't.

The Prowler said...

Pitt winning the Big East Tournament took any pressure off of Dixon. He not only showed he was a winner, but he beat 3 very quality teams in order to do it. Sure, Pitt needs to get past the Sweet 16. But Dixon is just fine. If he keeps making BET championships, it would be foolish to let him go. In the time that 2 WVU coaches got to the Elite 8 (providing WVU wins their next game), Pitt has been to 7 of 8 BET championship games; 4 of those coming under Dixon. That is awfully hard to overlook. And during that same time, those two WVU coaches have made a total of 0 BET championship games.

What WVU does under Huggins has no bearing on Dixon because there isn't anyone out there that knows a thing about basketball who is unaware that Huggins is a good coach. I hope for the best for WVU in the rest of the tournament. The Big East took some lumps this tourney and it is up to the three teams left to allow us to save face as a conference.

Anonymous said...

The only person who should be feeling any type of pressure is Orlando. He is the one failing to land the top players that will take us to that next level. Eloy Vargas would have been that person. He could play the 5, move Dejuan to the 4, Sam at 3, Gil at 2 and Levance at 1. That sure sounds like a final 4 team to me.

Now we have Dejuan at the 5, Sam at the 4, Gil or ? at the 3, Wannamaker/Gil/? at the 2, and Levance at the 1.

Gregg said...


I agree with what you said, with just one correction. WVU made the 2005 BET final against Syracuse. We lost, but I still was at the Garden for it.