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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pitt Basketball: Season in Review

Another season ends for Pitt Men's Hoops. The women are still in it as they beat the Bears from Baylor. So let's look at a season in review.

In Good Times....

  • Pitt goes off on an 11-0 start with wins over Washingston, Oklahoma State, and a huge win over Duke at Madison Square Garden.
  • With injuries to Mike Cook and Levance Fields, Pitt manages to beat Georgetown 69-60. This may have been the first warning sign that Georgetown was going to tank it in the post season.
  • The win over West Virginia where Ronald Ramon makes the shot of his life.
  • The 18-2 run where Pitt would come back and beat Syracuse. What was more funny was the fact that Syracuse and their arrogant fan base spent their energy on one play and they forgot about the other plays where they let us back in the game.

And Bad Times......

  • Pitt loses Cook and Fields within almost a week. Pitt loses Cook in the Duke game while Fields goes down in the loss to Dayton.
  • Pitt loses to Rutgers. Never in my life was I ever so bitter over a Pitt loss than this one. I mean this was like losing to South Florida in 2001. I mean it's like letting a blind man beat you in a game of Memory without telling him what cards he's picking up. ( Disclaimer: This was not intended to offend the vision impaired. )
  • Pitt loses to Marquette, ND, and Louisville. Three games in a row. This was maybe the tip of the iceberg to Pitt hoops followers. Some felt the ship was about to sync while others would say "Stay Calm....All is well!"
I'll be on your side forevermore......

  • Big East Tournament. Enough said.

That's what friends are for......

  • This season had its ups and downs. There were times you hated this team, and there were times where you knew why you love this team. Not much jokes from this writer here or reasons to complain. They won games, they went to the tournament, and they did it with a short bench with a true freshman starting.
  • While some may complain of the early exit, it could have been a lot worse. Be happy it never came to that.
  • Hey, it's not Pitt Football. They haven't had a bowl season since Harris left.


he who took them to bowl games said...

Thanks for the recognition!

Ya know!

thuggins in the hood said...

Hey where is your coverage on the womans team, I think they can beat the mens team!

Blind Mellon Chitlen said...

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