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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It All Starts Now

Happy 2008 from everyone at the Rants. We have been lazy of late, but would you expect anything less?

We wanted to present you with this lovely picture of Mr. Harris, hyping up the exciting 2005 Stanford Football season.

Our predictions for the year:
-Wlat gets a job, either as a QB Coach or night Deli manager at Sheetz in Breezewood
-Pitt basketball recovers from injuries and makes another Sweet Wlateen appearance
-Message Board posters continue "Open Letters" to Terrelle Pryor all the way up to signing day, before bashing him incessantly when he chooses to go to tOSU or Michigan
-Another solid recruiting class by Dave Wannstedt leads to even more unrealistic expectations from fans. People hoping for 8-wide sets of Hot Beefy Man Studs or an 8 QB Wildcat set will be disappointed with the standard Pro Style Sets Matt Cavanaugh help LeSean McCoy gain 1,700 yards and lead Pitt to a New Years Day Blow game.


vito said...

My bet is Wlat gets the managers job at Denny's and finds his dream-girl working there.

MAKE PLAYS! said...

WLAT get's a job as J. Byron Fleck's personal bidet.