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Friday, September 11, 2009

Pitt to Announce Bobble Head Promotion

(PR) Blawnox - The University of Pittsburgh is set to announce a new bobblehead promotion for some of its upcoming games. According to our sources inside the Athletic Department, Steve Pederson, in conjunction with Play-it-Again Sports is set to unveil special bobble heads featuring Pitt Football players.

The first two of the series feature Pitt quarterback, Billy Stull. This also clears up the questions as to why Billy inherited the starting qb job. "We would look pretty silly as an athletic department; if our featured bobble heads would represent someone holding a clipboard." Pederson stated. "We just had to go with Stull, too much money would have been lost."

The first figure will be handed out to the first 10,000 fans for the Pitt vs Navy game on September 19th. Following the game a concert by the Pittsburgh All-Star Band, featuring Donnie Iris, Scott Blasey, Bill Deasey, Joe Grusheky and others will take place. Also, a Zambelli fireworks display will be set off for the throngs of fans immediately after, barring any 8mph wind gusts.

The first figure represents Bill as a relatively quiet student. This also shows his clean cut qualities.

The second one, set to launch on October 10th for homecoming will feature Bill "B-Man" Stull in more of an urban style.

Panther Rants are excited for these collectibles and we're sure the Pitt Faithful will find a nice place on the mantle for their figures as well.


Frisco said...

Is Billy holding his small dick in his hands on bobble head number 1?

That explains why he can't throw the ball !!

No confidence because of Little Dick Syndrome (LDS)!

Anonymous said...

As Mark Madden calls him "Mt. Lebanon's Most Wanted" haha I crack up every time he says that.

Yeti said...

What about B.E. Taylor? You can't have Donnie Iris and no Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Vitamen L!

A hit that will endure until the end of time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you associating characters from one of the greatest movies ever made to the sorry state of Pitt football?

Pedro and Kip were outstanding and why must you slander them and assoiciate them with one of the worst QB's in Pitt History?

We all know that Pitt is Shitt and will never be of any significance after this weekend when they lose to Navy!!!

Your humor is lame, but entertaining!

Anchors Away!!!

zerp said...

It's "anchors aweigh" numbnuts.

Anonymous said...


I am a 1981 graduate, my bad, sorry thay didn't teach me on how to speel when I went to Pit!

Anonymous said...


Is your name spelled corectly?

Joe Paterno said...

Isn't "numbnuts" spelled numb-nuts?

You Pitt grads never cease to amaze!

Zerp said...

Couple of things:

1. I am not a grad, so throw that theory out the window.

2. Yes, the name is correct.

3. Upon further review, it is not "numb-nuts" either. It is numb nuts (two words).

4. Joe Paterno is an asshat.

Anonymous said...

Zepr, sorry Zerp

Did you at least graduate high school or should that be highschool or should that be high-school?

Please clarify!

Anonymous said...

Zerp, you could have fooled me, you really sound like a frustrated Pitt grad!

Well, we will take you for your word and please limit the personal insults!

Have a nice day!

Timmy said...

I heard microsoft has developed a Zerp icon to check spelling.

Anonymous said...

I can see this site is in great hands, you only update it about once a month.

Whatever happened to Foge?

WLAT and Denny's

As I suspected, this is a yinzer site period!!!!!

No sign of life!!