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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pitt, Cincinnati Form Bowl Partnership

With Pitt possibly heading to the ACC after 2012, there was concern that their annual rivalry game against Cincinnati will also end as well.  Well, think again.  The River City Rivalry Trophy will not find its way at yard sales, people basements, etc.  Instead, it will become an innovator to another premium ticket in the post season wars of College Football.

Pitt and Cincinnati have agreed to form a bowl partnership starting in 2013.  This means if neither team is in the BCS Bowl, both of these teams will meet in their own bowl game.  The payout is rumored to be 50 million dollars.  Home Field will be rotated yearly.   If neither team meets that year, that money gets pooled into next year's bowl game if they meet. 

Pitt released this statement this morning in regards to the bowl game:

"With the landscape of College Football changing everyday with conference expansions, conference bowl partnerships, and superconferences, it is in the University's best interests to look out for their athletic programs.  This is why we have formed a bowl partnership with Cincinnati.  We were in discussions with West Virginia, but we decided if we wanted to deal with a bunch of drunken hicks we'd go to a Toby Keith concert instead." 

Cincinnati released this statement:

"We're exited to keep the River City Rivalry going.  Pitt has given us every opportunity to stay nationally relevant in someway and they have come through for us again."

There's been concerns of where they the money will come from to host this game.  Bowl Officials are in talks with WKRP, Skyline Chili, Krogers, Giant Eagle, Heinz, and others to fund this Bowl game.  All feel they will get a positive investment from one of the greatest games in College Football.  


Anonymous said...

You forgot P&G! Their corporate hq is in dahn town Cincinnati!

Price per Head said...

I like the Panthers, now just Hope That the new season will be more prepared and now if winning.