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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drunken Big East Preview - Top Four.

1. Cincinnati

Look...we know....last year was bad for this squad. Zach Collaros pissed off a lot of fantasy owners. This year may be different. On Offense, the return Collaros, DJ Woods, and Isaiah Pead. Defense, they return a lot in terms of veteran leadership.

Plus it was either this or pick WVU to win the conference.

2. Pitt

Pitt's really not in bad of shape as a lot of people thought. Offense, they're pretty solid at QB, RB, WR. Offensive line may have some question marks, but that's been the same tired story at Pitt.

On defense, the main concern should be the secondary as they are known to fuck things up.

Plus, with Graham banning twitter, he may add some masculinity to some of his players including Cam Saddler who was tweeting so'd think he was a woman. Then again, he played likc a bitch.

3. USF

USF is a always the trendy pick to win the Big East since they joined the conference. This year is no different. They return a good core on defense. On offense, they'll win or lose with BJ Daniels. When he's on, he'd dangerous. When he's off, he looks a QB from any team on Madden that's being controlled from a first time user.

4. WVU

When your state produces more incidents of incest and bestiality than it does Division 1 prospects, then you got issues. Other than Geno Smith, there's not much to write about on offense. Defense? Fuck 'em. Maybe Oliver Luck will get them in the Arena League.

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Jim Burnell said...

*ahem* fuck you. Thank you.