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Friday, April 18, 2008


This selection is made based on those crazy Mon-Friday night games we have in the Big East since no one wants to show our games on Saturday. Yes we had some crazy nights...

2005 Pitt-Ohio: Check
2005 Pitt-Rutgers: Check
2006 UL-WVU: Check
2006 UL-Rutgers: Check
2007 Pitt-Navy: Check

And I forget the rest...then again...who cares?


Salvatore said...

Much better!

Anonymous said...

turn in this blog due to lack of creativity!!

He who took you to bowl games said...

I care, I really think you should add this as a link under "He who once took us to bowl games"

Ya Know!

he who took you to bowl games said...

Sorry here is the link